SEEN podcast


What does it mean to be seen?

Feeling seen is powerful. To honor that power, the SEEN podcast asks guests to prepare a list recounting the ways they been viewed, judged, rendered invisible, or wholly seen by themselves, their loved ones, and strangers. With the SEEN List as our guide, a conversation about experienced and presumed identities unfolds with one central question asked: How are you seen? 

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SEEN Host: Miranda Wylie

Miranda's SEEN List ranges from her childhood label of "preacher's daughter," to her adult persona of "sexpert." Her desire to create a platform for others' rich and complicated stories lead to the creation of BedPost Confessions, an award-winning live storytelling show that “stuns audiences with the power of story” (The Austin Chronicle). The ex-New Yorker turned Austinite is a storyteller who advocates for sexual literacy and emotional justice, and whose feminist lens serves her in raising two young boys in Texas. More about how Miranda is a struggling parent as well as an unstoppable blonde momshell with a mic in an interview with I Love You So Much: The Austin 360 Podcast.

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SEEN Producer: Myrriah Gossett

Myrriah will ask for just about anything, and she isn’t afraid of no. That’s how how she got her first job: by walking into a newspaper office at 18 and demanding a meeting with the photo editor. With a ten year history of running marketing and communications for nonprofits, Myrriah works daily to topple the patriarchy while listening to a steady stream of podcasts. She holds a Masters of Science in Media Management from The New School and has the debt to prove it. Though the first thing people notice is her sea-creaturely curly hair, Myrriah relishes being seen as a good friend and the kind of go-getter that makes people wonder, “When does she sleep?”